Sunday, December 30, 2012

Velvety Bronzed.....

Shirt/ Thrifted, Skirt/ Forever 21, Shoes/, Necklace/ Its Fashion

I know I know, I have been a BAD BLOGGER!!! But I'm back. Hello to my lovely readers and subscribers! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I just wanted to bring you an OOTN! I wanted to bring you an idea of what to wear for New Years Night! My entire outfit in literally under $40! The shirt I picked it up from Goodwill it was $4.99. SCORE!! It was a little velvet-like jacket that I turned around so the buttons would be detailed at the back. I got the skirt from Forever 21 and I paid $4 for. It was on the clearance plus 50% off. Can you say DOUBLE SCORE!!! I'm hoping to post another option for NYE tomorrow so stay tuned!!!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Diva N U Jewelry.....


Okay BBB's, Ms. Nikke at Diva N U has decided to hook up my subscribers and readers with wonderful promo codes for her FABULOUS jewelry! Please go to her website at and use the promo codes listed below!! I have brought a few pieces from her that I just love .She is a very talented artist and I know first-hand that she has beautiful and well-made pieces. So happy shopping!!!!



Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Belated Thanksgiving.....

Dress&Shawl/ Gifted my Grandmother, Stocking/ JMS (Walgreen's), Shoes/ Anne Michelle, Clutch/ Gifted by Mother, Earring/,

Happy Belated Thanksgiving BBB's! I just got back from Atlanta! Since all our folks are in Texas and we didn't feel like driving. So we went to Atlanta for fun! We dined out, took the kids to the Aquarium, and we relaxed. So for Thanksgiving dinner we went over my husband's friend house and I wanted to snap a couple of pics before we left. I wore a beautiful mustard color dress and shawl that my grandmother gave to me years ago. It has to be one of my favorites pieces in my closet. I than paired it with black tights I picked up from Walgreen's for only$ 4.99. SCORE!! I keep my accessories simple , but I rocked these HOT earrings I got from my friend Nikke at Please go checkout out her website, She hand makes everything and she has beautiful pieces. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.


P.S. Family/Aquarium pics coming tomorrow.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pearls & Polka.....

Dress/Forever21 (old), Shirt/ Old Navy, Necklace/ Forever 21& Its Fashion, Shoes/, Socks/ Walgreen's

Okay on Sunday I went for a whimsical look. LOL!!! I felt so cute and girly in this outfit, and everyone around me seemed to think so too! I wore my Polka Dot dress from Forever 21 that I got last year. It was only $15.99 when I got it. SCORE!!! This dress was a go to dress during the spring and summer for me, and since the weather has changed I added a white collar shirt from Old Navy to add some layers.  The pearls and the white socks was added to just give the outfit the playful look I was trying to achieve. I almost felt like Minnie Mouse! Now with the holidays fast approaching I would like to hear what are some items you will be wearing?


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mama Bear Fur....

Shirt/Its Fashion, Skirt/ Forever 21, Fur Vest/ Image, Boots/ Dots, Necklace& Bracelet/ Its Fashion, Purse/ Thifted

Hello to all my FABULOUS subscribers!!! Today was a good day wasn't it?!!! I'm hoping all you guys are continually enjoying my blog. Remember readers if you have any questions, comments, or anything I would love to hear from you. Now today's outfit is basically a casual day with my babies. I opted for an all black with a my "fur" vest look!! It's not really fur, so PETA don't try anything with me.LOL! Now the "fur" vest was a purchase I made last year from Image, and I just love it!! Since I was with my kiddos, I wasn't even trying to wear heels, so I went with my military boots from Dots. They have become my go-to shoe. Well I hope you guys enjoy and "talk" to you soon!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Flowers in Fall....

Jacket/ Forever 21, Shirt/ Forever 21, Skirt/ Its Fashion, Shoes/ ShuDeal, Hat/ Target, Necklace/ Image

Hello BBBs (BigBonedBeauties)!! I had to share one of my fits with you today, especially this cute little floral skirt I picked up. I recently got this skirt from Its Fashion and it was only $3.99. Can you say SCORE?!!! I was so happy to spend my money on this find! I love floral prints and I love wearing them year around. I paired it with my favorite new item, my leather moto jacket from Forever 21. I love mixing a bit of an edge with a clash of femininity!! I completed my look with minimal jewelry and I topped it of with my wool hat! I was feeling like a cool hipster. LOL.

P.S. I really want to shoutout my new friend Nikke of Diva N U jewelry! I recently brought a few items from her and her jewelry is AMAZING!! Please go check her out at I brought the Leather "Bling" cuff and some beautiful "Feathered" earrings!!! I can't wait to share more details of my purchases!!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some Spots on my Feet.....


Sweater/ Old, Skirt/ Forever21, Booties/, Necklace/ Rainbow, Earrings/Its Fashion, Headscarf/ Made by me

Hello Readers! OK Charlotte weather has changed! As most of you know Hurricane Sandy has hit the east coast, and there has been a cold that moved in. I'm hoping the East Coast stays safe, and I will be praying for you guys!! Now today was colder than normal, but that didn't stop me from wearing a skirt honey! The skirt is actually a dark plum color, and I added a tan sweater. My leopard booties were more of my statement piece. I know combining the booties, with the sweater and the plum skirt would just POP! Now from previous post I mentioned I have really been into head pieces ( scarfs, beanies, and etc.), so I threw in a head scarf that I made from and old shirt. Hope you like!!

P.S. I recently brought some beautiful jewelry from one of my subbies, and I can't wait to share with you her information, and how I styled the pieces. Coming soon!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Forgotten Post.....

Dress/ Forever 21 (old), Jacket/ Thrifted, Shoes/ Anne Michelle, Earrings/ Beauty Supply house (old), Watch/ Michael Kors

Ok I forgot to post this outfit.... I wore this outfit about two weeks ago when I went to a club in Charlotte called Scorpios! It's one of the oldest gay bars in the country!! And yes I live for my Gays/ Drag Queens/ and entertainers!! I went to party and see the amazing performers, and boy did I have a GREAT TIME!! Now I wear a hot pink dress from Forever 21 that was sleeveless. I brought my black blazer just to make it look a little less "trampy" LOL, yes I said that!! I then added my go to accessories, gold earrings, watch, and bracelets. Let me tell you honey they were gagging for this FISH!! LOL!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Black and Yellow Babe....

Jacket/ Forever21, Skirt/ Dots, Skirt/ Forever21, Boots/ Dots, Necklace/ Its Fashion, Beanie/ Walmart

Hello to my fellow BBB (big boned beauties) and repeat readers!! *In my Wendy voice* How you doing?! Well today, I'm doing GREAT!! The weather has been so lovely here in Queen City!! Now today's outfit is brought together by none other than my go to store, Forever 21. I brought this faux leather jacket about a month ago and decided to put it to use. I paired it with a simple black cotton t- shirt and my HOT black and yellow body con skirt from Forever 21!! I accessorized with my favorite link necklace and a beanie hat. I have  been in a dark, grudge, and rocker motif since the weather has been changing. So what has been your go to style for fall ladies?

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And to the ones that do follow THANK YOU!!


Monday, October 22, 2012

L-E-G-G-I-N-G-S spells Yes I did....

Shirt/ Forever 21, Legging/ Ashley Stewart, Boots/ Dots, Beanie/ Hubby's, Jewerly/ Its Fashion, Watch Michael Kors

 Hey beautiful people! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my OOTD! Today was my normal casual look but I did it with a bit of an edge! First of all let me say it again I'm not a spokeswoman for plus size style and fashion, I just like to do my own thing. I don't dress for anyone but myself, and occasionally my husband. Whew, now with that being said, yes my fat behind wore legging as pants while rocking a regular length shirt. I have heard from several people that big women shouldn't rock legging as pants and if they did they need to wear a tunic to cover up all their lovely assets. Well as you can see I didn't and I loved my fit. I started with a top I got from Forever 21. It was another one of my BOGO items, and  I got it for about $9 dollars. SCORE. I added my favorite black legging that I got from Ashley Stewart for comfort! I paired my outfit with my military boots that I recently got from Dots. They were only about $25 bucks. DOUBLE SCORE!! I set the look off with a beanie and gold accessories to add to rocker/ grudge look I was going for. Oh and for those who want to know I have on MAC Smoked Purple, which is one of my favorite lip colors ever.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Striped Me Down....

Cardigan/ Forever21, Shirt/ Walmart, Skirt/ Image, Shoes/, Necklace/ Its Fashion

Hello to my new BBB ( Big Boned Beauties)! I really appreciate you guys for subscribing to my blog!! Please feel free to comment, question, or even engage yourself at any time! Thank you once again!! Now  this morning I had my hubby up taking pics because I was "kind of" feeling this fit today. Its really because I'm not into the color red, but I thought I did okay with the color to today! Around Fall all my cardigans, sweaters, and blazers come out! And this striped cardigan was no exception! I brought it online last year from my favorite place, Forever 21. It was one on my sale items; it was $10.99. SCORE!! Then finished it off with a red body con skirt from Image which was $11.99. DOUBLE SCORE. I really miss that store. Its not in Charlotte. :-(.  What do you think? Is red a good color for me?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jewel Tone for Fall

Cardigan/ Image, Cami/ Forever 21, Jeans/ Its Fashion, Belt/ Forever21, Purse/ Its Fashion, Earrings/ Its Fashion, Scarf/ Gift from Mom, Shoes/ Shu Deal

What's going on my lovely subbies!! How you like my new do?? LOL! I decided to take a break from my baby fro and rock a Rihanna inspired pixie do! I hope you like.. Its getting a little chilly out here in Queen City, so I went for a more fall look.  I tried to use my beautiful jewel toned earrings and scarf (on my head) to bring together the colors and viola! I paired my beautiful cardigan from Image that I got last year for only $11, SCORE, with some great fitting trouser jeans I got from Its Fashion. I used a blue suede clutch from Its Fashion , which was only $3.99 DOUBLE SCORE, to add more pops of color! ! I have really fallen in love with the use of scarfs and head pieces for fall, so you will see alot of that in my upcoming outfits!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Absence makes the Heart go.......

Shirt/ Image, Skirt/ Forever21, Shoes/, Necklace & Bracelet/ Its Fashion, Purse/ Thrifted

I know, I know. It's been a while and I haven't been on my P's and Q's! I remember being very upset when some of my favorite bloggers wouldn't post in a while. But I can honestly say I feel them! Sometimes things come up and your blog is the last thing on  your mind! So I shall try to keep up with my posts and promise more to come!! Anyway the weather is changing and so is my wardrobe! I have brought a few things that I can't wait to put on. Now to this outfit, I decided to wear my cute little skater skirt I got from Forever 21. Its was another one of my BOGO items, so I got it for about $5.99. SCORE!! The top I got from Image which was one of my favorite stores back in Dallas. The color is really a beautiful military green but my poor little camera didn't pick it. I'm really hoping that my hubby gets me a new camera, so I can pick up on those details. HINT HINT!!! Anyway thanks for checking me out and if you like what I'm doing with my outfits let me know. I would love to hear from all 13 of my subbies!!! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

$9 Dollar Pants....

Shirt/ Image, Pants/ Forever 21, Shoes, Shu Deal, Accessories/ Charlotte Russe

Hello my BBB aka Big Boned Beauties! Today I ditched the flats for some slingback heels. But today's focal point is this HAWT pants I purchased from Forever 21! I brought a few things from Forever 21's BOGO sales, and this is one of my purchases!! The pants were about $9 bucks. SCORE!! BUT I have to be honest. Sometimes you get what you pay for. When I opened the package and saw the pants they were split  in the inner thigh seam. Can you say PISSED! But I put my garment making skills to work and just stitched up the seam, and voila!  I have a question, do you spend more money on clothes to avoid mishaps where the quality is sub par? Or do you not mind purchasing cheaper things with the knowledge of maybe having  horrible quality?


Monday, September 24, 2012

Blue Outing.....

Shirt/ Marianne (old), Jeans/ Its Fashion, Shoes/ Ross (old) Accessories/ Its Fashion, Watch/ Michael Kors

I know I know. I wanted to post an outfit for each day of the week and I FAILED!!  I actually took the pics, I just haven't had time to post them. This weekend we celebrated my daughter's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAVANNAH!!! We went to a ranch called Lazy 5 Ranch! The ranch was like a drive thru petting zoo. You could feed the animals from your car. It was amazing. We fed zebras, deers, pigs, bulls, and emus!! Now I wanted to still look stylish but comfortable so this is what I came up with. I'm glad I got these pants on sale for $12.99. SCORE!! Because by the time we got through with the day these pants were dirty and rubbed with all types of animal's saliva. GROSS!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Morange Lips and Booties.....

Shirt/ Its Fashion, Legging/Forever 21, Booties, Accessories/ Forever 21

And the challenge continues....
As I mentioned before I'm trying to take pictures of my daily outfits, and here's my take on today's OOTD. Well once again I have to give some credit to Charlotte's weather. I mean it was about 73 degrees and BEAUTIFUL. I  really want to start taking pictures outside, but I won't until the hubby gets me a new camera. HINT HINT!! So I brought MAC Morange lipstick like last year, and I wear it very seldom, so I decided to make it a focal point of my outfit! I paired my lips, LOL, with a FABULOUS hi/lo black shirt from Image, which was only $13.99. SCORE!! I continued with some legging from Forever 21, which were $10.99. Double SCORE! Lastly I set off today's look with some orange booties that I picked up from So what do you think?


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flower Mommy Power.....

Vest/ Old Navy, Shirt/ Walmart, Skirt/ Forever 21, Shoes/, Accessories/ Its Fashion

Like most mothers duty calls all the time! Today I had a couple of appointments with my kiddos so I kept my look very basic. I'm trying to challenge myself to show you all my everyday looks for this week and I may not be as fabulous as usual. So on to the outfit I had to rock my wedge sneakers while with my kids. I really do encourage women to purchase them being that they give you the right amount of comfort and add a little bit of height. Perfect for moms on the go. I than paired it with a white tee, my favorite vest from Old Navy, and my floral skirt. Voila!! On to tomorrow's outfit.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Sheerly Neon....

Dress/Image, Broom Skirt/ Forever 21, Shoes/ Qupid, Necklace& Accessories/ Its Fashion,

OK Ladies one thing about my style is I' am a chameleon. I never can really describe my style . Because it is all over the place. And this weekend's outfit is prime example. This Saturday was a fun night and it desired a fun outfit. I went with an all black look with neon accents. I adore my wedges that I got from Its Fashion which were only $24.99 .SCORE!! One lady thought they were Missoni! I received ALOT of compliments on my fit. I guess "big" women are not suppose to wear anything sheer or sexy, but I always break fashion rules!! If you don't like what I'm wearing don't look!!! I challenge my Big Boned Beauties as well as my smaller framed women to step out on the rules of fashion for a day. Try something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Something others would claim isn't for your or your body type! Fashion is fun, and just roll with it!

P.S. I have set a goal to try and do an outfit post this entire whole week, so wish me luck!! Any question ladies, do be afraid to ask!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tribal Girl....

Shirt/ Forever 21, Skirt/ Forever 21, Shoes/ Dots, Necklace/ Its Fashion

OK Charlotte, you have given me some beautiful weather lately. It's starting to cool down and I'm loving it. Today was another casual day with my babies. I really wanted to enjoy the weather with them so I kept my outfit as simple as I could. I just paired a body con tribal skirt from Forever 21 with a white tank also from my favorite store. As I stated in a previous post I adore statement necklaces and today's outfit had to have one! So I used my chain like plastic black necklace from Its Fashion, to give my fit a more "tribal/ethnic" look. Oh did I mention the necklace was only $5.99. SCORE! Hope you enjoyed my LOTD!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Seeing Spots...

Shirt/ Dots, Leggings/ Forever 21, Sandals/ Old Navy, Purse/ Gift from Mom, Necklace & Bracelet/ Its Fashion

Today was a pay bills and run errands kind of a day. So I kept it very casual and wasn't even trying to strut in heels. I'm a realist when it comes to style and with two toddlers heels aren't always on my feet. I wore one the things I love the most-statement necklace. It's really beautiful in person and I receive many compliments on it!! Of course I wear something from Forever 21 such as the leggings, which were under $13. SCORE!! I hope you like!!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Overboard on Forever 21....

Denim Jacket/Forever 21, Cami/ Forever21 Skirt/Forever 21, Shoes/ Bamboo, Accessories/ Its Fashion
Yes I'm a Forever 21 addict. I can't help it! I try to avoid them, but darn it they always have cute, trendy, and affordable clothes. I swear I stalk look at their site at least 3 times a day. Can you say FIEND. My entire outfit is Forever 21 except my shoesI got them from a shoe store back in Dallas, TX called Shu Deal, and can you believe they were only $6.98. SCORE!! That's right, no typo!! I love that store. They have very cute shoes for dirt cheap. I have several pairs of $6, $10, even $13 shoes from them, and they all are FABULOUS. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mix it up.....

Shirt/Forever21, Skirt/ Its Fashion, Purse/ Nine West , Shoes/, Necklace/ Its Fashion,Watch/ Michael Kors

Hello Ladies! Today I bring you my take on mixing prints!! Many people try to avoid this new styling trend because many don't know how to. I'm no fashion or style expert by all means, but I think as long as you have the same color scheme incorporated in both prints the look can be achieved. I started with a striped shirt from Forever 21 and paired it with a patterned shirt from It's Fashion for only $5.99. SCORE!!! I will try to  do a post on MY do's and don'ts on pattern mixing. Trust me this is a technique you will see me rock several times on my blog. Also welcome my new subbies. All 7 of you! LOL! Thank you for your support!!
P.S I mentioned the Labor Day Sales from a couple of websites on my post here. And like a true fiend I got a few things!! I can't wait to share!! Remember most of the sales end On Labor Day!!!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Websites with LABOR DAY SALEs!!

Ladies Forever 21 is having another BOGO(buy get one free) SALE!!!
HERE is the link for my Big Boned Beauties. is also having 25% off their entire site
. is 20% off their entire site. is having 30% of their entire site.

Happy Shopping!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wishlist for far!!

True fashion fiends always want something to buy. At the moment these are things I want to get for the Fall. I already own a pair of wedge sneakers which can be seen here, but I want more pairs!! They are so comfortable and when you are a mom, like me, you don't want to compromise style nor comfort. And for some reason I have been obsessed with green tones! I'm feeling very Wizard of Oz for fall. I love anything that is form fitting for my body type so a nice colorblock scuba dress this fall and maybe paired with a biker jacket and military boots, ohhhh I see a future post! In high school I remember rocking leather skirts. Back than not to many of my peers rocked them but I loved them. Today leather is making a comeback into Fall trends and I want it for a skirt!! So tell me what trends or things you can't wait to purchase this fall?!


ColorBlock Scuba Dress

Varsity Jacket
Leather Skirt

Wedge sneakers

Messenger Bags

Green Tones

Sunday, August 26, 2012

All Black Everything

Dress/ Forever21+ (old) , Vest/ Its Fashion, Shoes, Accessories/Assorted

What I'm wearing on today's  post I actually wore on Friday while eating out with my family. Since moving to Charlotte I' m pressed for friends, so it would be nice to have girlfriends for drinks occasionally. I actually had fun with my brood. So now to the outfit. Of course every woman should own a black dress. The thing I love about this dress from Forever21 is that it could be dressed up or down. The vest I purchased from "Its Fashion" was only $5.99. SCORE!!!! I paired it with my Jeffrey Campbell inspired booties to give the dress a more casual look.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jungle in The Office

Shirt/Old Navy, Skirt/ Forever21, Belt/ Forever21, Shoes/ Anne Michelle, Purse/ Thrifted, Watch/ Micheal Kors

I normally don't go for bright neon colors, but I decided to pair the body con neon yellow skirt with this fabulous sheer leopard skirt from Old Navy. Which was only $12.99. SCORE!! I decided last minute to pair it with a green colored belt to accentuate my waist. Then I throw on some black slingback pumps with my favorite bag. I brought together to two things people probably wouldn't put together. Neon and Leopard! This look could be perfect for ladies in the work place. Click the next page for some alternative.


Jungle in the Office

H M button shirt
$24 -


Monday, August 20, 2012

Night on the town...

Shirt/Old Navy (men), Shirt/Forever21+, Shoes/Room for, Purse/ Nine West, Watch/ Michael Kors, Tiger Pin/ Made by me, Earrings/ Dots

Hello Ladies! Today I decided to go out by myself and I actually wore this as a day time look. I always loved my husband's white button down shirt from Old Navy, and I always wanted to rock it. Yes ladies don't be afraid to go into your man's closet for inspiration and clothing options. Sequins in day, you say? Yes it can be done just as I wore it here! I paired it with this beautiful sequin skirt from Forever21, which was one of my BOGO free items, so I literally paid about $7 for this beauty. SCORE!! Than I rocked my comfortable wedges and some gold accessories, and TA DA!!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Boned + Cropped Shirt = YES.....

Vest/ Old Navy, Shirt/ Forever 21+, Shirt/ Forever21+, Shoes/, Watch/ Micheal Kors, Necklace&Bangles / Its Fashion
Reader Glasses/

That's right. I'm Big Boned and I'm showing all little bit of my six pack abs belly. LOL! I like to take risks and decided to go for a trendier look today! I feel a bit militant in this look especially with the Old Navy vest. I picked the vest up months ago for only $12.99, SCORE!!! The shirt wasn't made to be tied in the front but hey I was trying to distort the words on the front which read "Call Me Anytime. I'm married and I don't want those words to speak for me. I did however get this shirt when Forever 21 was having a BOGO free sale. So I literally paid half for the shirt which was $9.99 .Double SCORE!! And yes I'm rocking one of the trends I think will be big this fall, the SNEAKER WEDGES, they are stylish and very comfortable! One thing about me when it comes to fashion and style  I don't follow the status quo. I try to make my own rules, and sometimes I fail and sometimes I don't but oh well. I felt great in this outfit!

XOXO Keisha

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tiger & the other kind of Stripes......

Jacket/Thrifted, Shirt/Thrifted, Skirt/ Its Fashion, Purse/ Nine West ,Shoes Qupid ,Earrings Its Fashion, Tiger Pin/By me Watch/ Michael Kors

What says chic like black and white! Today I decided to pair my horizontal skirt with a cute black blazer and a black tank. The skirt, that I got from Its Fashion, by the way it was $13.99, can you say SCORE!! And than throw in a thrifted blazer that was $3.25, and a thrifted black tank that was 2.50, can you triple SCORE!! Any one who knows me know I love clothes, but I don't want to break bank on it. The Nine West purse I got for $19.99, it was $65, so I'm just knocking them out the park with these prices!!!

XOXO  Keisha

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First post, finally...

Sequined Jacket/Forever 21+ White Cami/ Dots Denim Jeans/ Forever 21+ Shoes/ Nine West Necklace/ Rainbow

Welcome Fashion Lovers,

      Today is the day I finally decided to get my view point on styleto post on my very own blog. Trust me people it was almost a year in the making. If you have ready my bio, you would understand why it took so long, but hey I finally did it. Yay!!!

Now to the clothes!!! I decided to wear something that sparkled. I wanted to make a statement by wearing this gorgeous sequined cropped jacket from Forever21. Not only is the jacket beautiful and well made, but I got it for $12.99, can you say SCORE!! I have had the jacket for a while and have been waiting on the perfect emsemble to pair it. I knew I wanted to be casual with the jacket, since it could be dressed up or down. So in walks my Nine West platforms. I got these beauties on sale for $29.99. Can you say double SCORE!! I paired it with a solid white shirt and some dark denim jeans andI closed with a nice statement necklace . BANG my #OOTD!

XOXO Keisha