Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Overboard on Forever 21....

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Yes I'm a Forever 21 addict. I can't help it! I try to avoid them, but darn it they always have cute, trendy, and affordable clothes. I swear I stalk look at their site at least 3 times a day. Can you say FIEND. My entire outfit is Forever 21 except my shoesI got them from a shoe store back in Dallas, TX called Shu Deal, and can you believe they were only $6.98. SCORE!! That's right, no typo!! I love that store. They have very cute shoes for dirt cheap. I have several pairs of $6, $10, even $13 shoes from them, and they all are FABULOUS. 


  1. I stalk them daily too! LOL! I love your style and I'm so glad that I found your blog!


    1. Thank you for checking out my blog!! You know the first step is admittance! LOL! At least we acknowledge of "problem" LOL!! I will be checking you right now!!