Tuesday, September 25, 2012

$9 Dollar Pants....

Shirt/ Image, Pants/ Forever 21, Shoes, Shu Deal, Accessories/ Charlotte Russe

Hello my BBB aka Big Boned Beauties! Today I ditched the flats for some slingback heels. But today's focal point is this HAWT pants I purchased from Forever 21! I brought a few things from Forever 21's BOGO sales, and this is one of my purchases!! The pants were about $9 bucks. SCORE!! BUT I have to be honest. Sometimes you get what you pay for. When I opened the package and saw the pants they were split  in the inner thigh seam. Can you say PISSED! But I put my garment making skills to work and just stitched up the seam, and voila!  I have a question, do you spend more money on clothes to avoid mishaps where the quality is sub par? Or do you not mind purchasing cheaper things with the knowledge of maybe having  horrible quality?


Monday, September 24, 2012

Blue Outing.....

Shirt/ Marianne (old), Jeans/ Its Fashion, Shoes/ Ross (old) Accessories/ Its Fashion, Watch/ Michael Kors

I know I know. I wanted to post an outfit for each day of the week and I FAILED!!  I actually took the pics, I just haven't had time to post them. This weekend we celebrated my daughter's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAVANNAH!!! We went to a ranch called Lazy 5 Ranch! The ranch was like a drive thru petting zoo. You could feed the animals from your car. It was amazing. We fed zebras, deers, pigs, bulls, and emus!! Now I wanted to still look stylish but comfortable so this is what I came up with. I'm glad I got these pants on sale for $12.99. SCORE!! Because by the time we got through with the day these pants were dirty and rubbed with all types of animal's saliva. GROSS!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Morange Lips and Booties.....

Shirt/ Its Fashion, Legging/Forever 21, Booties, gojane.com. Accessories/ Forever 21

And the challenge continues....
As I mentioned before I'm trying to take pictures of my daily outfits, and here's my take on today's OOTD. Well once again I have to give some credit to Charlotte's weather. I mean it was about 73 degrees and BEAUTIFUL. I  really want to start taking pictures outside, but I won't until the hubby gets me a new camera. HINT HINT!! So I brought MAC Morange lipstick like last year, and I wear it very seldom, so I decided to make it a focal point of my outfit! I paired my lips, LOL, with a FABULOUS hi/lo black shirt from Image, which was only $13.99. SCORE!! I continued with some legging from Forever 21, which were $10.99. Double SCORE! Lastly I set off today's look with some orange booties that I picked up from gojane.com. So what do you think?


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flower Mommy Power.....

Vest/ Old Navy, Shirt/ Walmart, Skirt/ Forever 21, Shoes/ urbanog.com, Accessories/ Its Fashion

Like most mothers duty calls all the time! Today I had a couple of appointments with my kiddos so I kept my look very basic. I'm trying to challenge myself to show you all my everyday looks for this week and I may not be as fabulous as usual. So on to the outfit I had to rock my wedge sneakers while with my kids. I really do encourage women to purchase them being that they give you the right amount of comfort and add a little bit of height. Perfect for moms on the go. I than paired it with a white tee, my favorite vest from Old Navy, and my floral skirt. Voila!! On to tomorrow's outfit.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Sheerly Neon....

Dress/Image, Broom Skirt/ Forever 21, Shoes/ Qupid, Necklace& Accessories/ Its Fashion,

OK Ladies one thing about my style is I' am a chameleon. I never can really describe my style . Because it is all over the place. And this weekend's outfit is prime example. This Saturday was a fun night and it desired a fun outfit. I went with an all black look with neon accents. I adore my wedges that I got from Its Fashion which were only $24.99 .SCORE!! One lady thought they were Missoni! I received ALOT of compliments on my fit. I guess "big" women are not suppose to wear anything sheer or sexy, but I always break fashion rules!! If you don't like what I'm wearing don't look!!! I challenge my Big Boned Beauties as well as my smaller framed women to step out on the rules of fashion for a day. Try something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Something others would claim isn't for your or your body type! Fashion is fun, and just roll with it!

P.S. I have set a goal to try and do an outfit post this entire whole week, so wish me luck!! Any question ladies, do be afraid to ask!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tribal Girl....

Shirt/ Forever 21, Skirt/ Forever 21, Shoes/ Dots, Necklace/ Its Fashion

OK Charlotte, you have given me some beautiful weather lately. It's starting to cool down and I'm loving it. Today was another casual day with my babies. I really wanted to enjoy the weather with them so I kept my outfit as simple as I could. I just paired a body con tribal skirt from Forever 21 with a white tank also from my favorite store. As I stated in a previous post I adore statement necklaces and today's outfit had to have one! So I used my chain like plastic black necklace from Its Fashion, to give my fit a more "tribal/ethnic" look. Oh did I mention the necklace was only $5.99. SCORE! Hope you enjoyed my LOTD!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Seeing Spots...

Shirt/ Dots, Leggings/ Forever 21, Sandals/ Old Navy, Purse/ Gift from Mom, Necklace & Bracelet/ Its Fashion

Today was a pay bills and run errands kind of a day. So I kept it very casual and wasn't even trying to strut in heels. I'm a realist when it comes to style and with two toddlers heels aren't always on my feet. I wore one the things I love the most-statement necklace. It's really beautiful in person and I receive many compliments on it!! Of course I wear something from Forever 21 such as the leggings, which were under $13. SCORE!! I hope you like!!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Overboard on Forever 21....

Denim Jacket/Forever 21, Cami/ Forever21 Skirt/Forever 21, Shoes/ Bamboo, Accessories/ Its Fashion
Yes I'm a Forever 21 addict. I can't help it! I try to avoid them, but darn it they always have cute, trendy, and affordable clothes. I swear I stalk look at their site at least 3 times a day. Can you say FIEND. My entire outfit is Forever 21 except my shoesI got them from a shoe store back in Dallas, TX called Shu Deal, and can you believe they were only $6.98. SCORE!! That's right, no typo!! I love that store. They have very cute shoes for dirt cheap. I have several pairs of $6, $10, even $13 shoes from them, and they all are FABULOUS. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mix it up.....

Shirt/Forever21, Skirt/ Its Fashion, Purse/ Nine West , Shoes/ Roomoffashion.com, Necklace/ Its Fashion,Watch/ Michael Kors

Hello Ladies! Today I bring you my take on mixing prints!! Many people try to avoid this new styling trend because many don't know how to. I'm no fashion or style expert by all means, but I think as long as you have the same color scheme incorporated in both prints the look can be achieved. I started with a striped shirt from Forever 21 and paired it with a patterned shirt from It's Fashion for only $5.99. SCORE!!! I will try to  do a post on MY do's and don'ts on pattern mixing. Trust me this is a technique you will see me rock several times on my blog. Also welcome my new subbies. All 7 of you! LOL! Thank you for your support!!
P.S I mentioned the Labor Day Sales from a couple of websites on my post here. And like a true fiend I got a few things!! I can't wait to share!! Remember most of the sales end On Labor Day!!!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Websites with LABOR DAY SALEs!!

Ladies Forever 21 is having another BOGO(buy get one free) SALE!!!
HERE is the link for my Big Boned Beauties.

Urbanog.com is also having 25% off their entire site

Gojane.com is 20% off their entire site.

Amiclubwear.com is having 30% of their entire site.

Happy Shopping!!!