20 Fun Facts about Keisha

1. I have another name. Its Ngozi Ogu, my father is Nigerian.

2. I'm a died hard Dallas Cowboy Fan.

3. I love all Tim Burton movies ( I love goth)

4. I have shaved my head bald before.

5. I graduated no. 48 out of 987 in my high school class.

6. I have a serious phobia of any type of rodent specifically rats!!

7. I'm a TRUE Pisces, to the core.

8. I have a major attitude in the morning; I'm a night owl.

9. To this very day I keep my money tucked away in my bra. LOL!

10. I LOVE Southpark. ( Cartman is the man)

11. I hate when nail colors and toe nails colors don't match ( its a pet peeve)

12. I have a problem with buying the same colored shoes in a heel form, a flat, and or wedge (example: I buy a leopard print heel, I must than find a flat the same print just in case my feet hurt with the heels I can switch to my flats without comprimising my outfit)

13. I used to be a CRAZY and I do mean CRAZY stan for Ginuwine.

14. Before I eat any type of chocolate candy I like it  to be"melty" and the only way to achieve that is to "cook it" between my boobies. Its still in the package of course!!.(weird I know)

15. I played piano and handbells in school.

16. I used to have a tongue ring ( I wanted to think I was a rebel)

17. I know how to sew and produce garments ( I need to get back into that)

18. I'm highly sensitive. ( I would like to say I'm a little weak LOL)

19. I drink milk with iced tea.

20. I really think in my past life I was either a gay man or a drag queen!! I love da #KIDZ

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