Friday, November 1, 2013

Men's Wear Outfit # 3

Men's Cardigan/ H&M, Men's Shirt/ Old Navy, Skirt/ Forever 21, Shoes/ Charlotte Russe, Purse/ Forever 21, Legging/ JMS, Chain/ Charlotte Russe

Okay today is my last Men's Wear Outfit! I appreciate all of you who have visited or even left a comment. I really thank you guys!! Now since it's my last outfit for this series I decided to go a little bit more dramatic. I wore a man's cardigan from H&M and a white linen shirt from Old Navy. Once again ladies I took only a few pieces from a man's wardrobe and to made it my own! Now the show stopper was my fabulous sequined skirt from Forever 21! This will forever be one of my favorite purchases from them! This whole look could be worn for any occasion! Simply by adding or removing pieces from this look you can go to daytime or nighttime in an instance! My whole purpose of this series was to show you that you can take simply pieces from your man's closet and make it your own. Now all you have to do is avoid hearing your man now complain about his missing shirt! I hope you ladies got inspired and please come back for more of my outfits!!!