Thursday, October 9, 2014


Jacket: Forever 21
Tank: Walmart
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Charlotte Russe


Yep! I have been a bad little blogger. I must start by saying hello my fashionable people!! Long time no hear. So life as really gotten in my way of blogging. I must admit my passion for blogging has decreased, especially with having an Instagram account. I find myself being a lazy bum and just posting pictures on there. I know I know, bad little blogger. So I'm going to make more of an effort to post outfit posts! So over the summer I really started to enjoy wearing shorts. I rocked this shorts a while back and decided to "Fall-a-nize." What's "Fall-a-nize" its means rocking Summer clothing and transitioning  them into Fall wear. So I simply added a cropped jacket some closed toe shoes and voila!! Most items are from my favorite store Forever 21. I hope you enjoyed my look, and tell me how you plan on "Fall-a-nizing" your looks.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sunshine...My only Sunshine.....

Dress/ Courtesy of SWAK Designs, Shoes/, Necklace and Clutch/Forever 21

Summer is here and lets just say it's full of sunshine. Everyone needs a little sunshine, don't you think?! Well sunshine always equals happiness for me. So let's just say I was beyond happy when I received my Eternity Convertible Dress from SWAK Designs. First off let me say SWAK Designs really melted my heart with this dress! I live for an amazing plus size convertible dress. I love SWAK Designs aesthetics when it comes to plus size clothing, and once again they did an amazing job with this dress.

I have other SWAK Designs pieces but I have to admit this is now my favorite piece.  This is a perfect plus size dress. The Eternity Convertible Dress has 14 beautiful ways to create looks just right for your body. I chose the color "Sunshine" and I wore my dress in the sexy and alluring "Maya Wrap." There is a wrap 101 video on how to easily style the Eternity Convertible Dress into different wraps. With this dress you really could go from a daytime look to an evening of dinner and dancing. There are so many styles to choose from based on your modesty level. So if you want to rock the Maya style as I did, but you aren't comfortable rocking a sleeveless look, just put on a beautiful kimono or shawl to complete your look. I was also very pleased that while living in the desert, at 105 degrees, the dress material was no too heavy. The material is very light weight but sturdy enough to make sure you have full coverage while styling the dress.

I certainly can't wait to rock my Eternity Convertible Dress again. Every woman has, no needs to own this dress. It's a staple item for every woman's, especially plus size women's, closet. So ladies or gentlemen looking for a great gift to get your lady shop at for this beautiful dress and many other SWAK pieces!


Thursday, June 12, 2014 Day to Night Looks... Day to Night story board

Long dress

Vegan shoes

Flat shoes

Black purse

Black purse

TIMEZONE black jewelry

Dangle earrings

Red necklace

Red earrings

Bangle bracelet

Black sunglasses

Lime Crime lip stain

Hello Fashionistas! So I was recently contacted by to style the use of the "The Vivacious and Vibrant Dress in Noir"  while using only products from The dress would be the focal point of my style creations so I decided to transition the dress from day to night. 

The daytime look was inspired by Minnie Mouse. By using the coloring scheme closely related to Minnie Mouse I was going for a playful look. The striped black purse was used to give it a whimsical element, and by adding the red flats made the look effortless chic and comfortable. I would use this look for running errands during the day while looking stylish and elegant.

The dress itself reads very Hollywood glamour so by transitioning the dress into a nighttime look was simple. I wanted to feature little blue hues centered around the accessories to give it a "Breakfast at Tiffany" look. I used minimal jewelry but wanted to showcase the dangle earring to give the look those pops of color. Add on some turquoise heel and some red lip stain and I could envision this look going to a cocktail dinner.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Uplifting Nighties...

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Hello Fashion Dolls! I just wanted to come to you ladies (and men) about a product I was sent over a month ago from an amazing company called Uplifting Nighties. Now my first thought was what is an uplifting nighties? Well the Uplifting Nighties is a stylish and supportive sleepwear piece. It's transitional sleepwear that you can wear in front of your children, extended family, or husbands around the home with out the irritating feel of wearing a bra! 

Now when I was contacted about trying out the Uplifting Nighties, I told the owner, Laura Byer, she had to be in my mind taking notes on my sleepwear issues. See what Uplifting Nighties created especially for plus size women is groundbreaking! I have longed to be comfortable in my own home wearing sleepwear that wouldn't be too vulgar but yet so supportive and covered enough that I could greet guests in my own home. And that is exactly what the Uplifting Nighties is!

My experience with the Uplifting Nightie has been pleasant. I received my order on April 1, 2014 and basically reviewed it for a month. First off the Uplifting Nighties is homegrown, yep, they are MADE IN THE USA! Every thing from the fabric to the manufacturing is made in the USA! I received my product very fast and it was packaged pretty nicely. ( As pictured below) I received the Short Cocktail in Black, size 2X.  Now when I first touched the Uplifting Nightie it feel like butter. The fabric is very soft and very durable which can be hard to mimic.  So the first thing I wanted to do was try it on. I first adjusted the straps and tried it on. It felt amazing!  My initial thought was I'm really going to enjoy this product. After washing the Uplifting Nightie, I noticed that it didn't lose its shape nor color which is fantastic.  The fabric is a winner! Even living in the desert the Uplifting Nightie  was still cool and didn't feel "clingy'' when it got warmer. I received great support with this product as well and mind you I wear a 44Fin bra size. I went to sleep in this piece. I did laundry in this piece. I cooked in this piece. I even walked outside to grab my son from the bus in this piece. Overall the Uplifting Nighties has been my go-to item when I'm relaxing around the house. I truly feel in love with this product and I think you ladies would too!

With Mother's Day approaching Uplifting Nighties has offered my readers and subscribers with a discount! Use the code WELOVEMOMS for a 15% discount through May 19th.
So ladies rethink how you wear your sleepwear and please go check out Uplifting Nighties!

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Images used from Uplifting Nighties website