About Keisha


I started this blog to give myself a platform to be creative. I have always had a love for anything regarding fashion, style, and beauty. When I was a child I remember making fierce Barbie Doll clothes out of socks. With that sense of creativity I used my little sewing skills to enroll in this country's first Magnet School, Skyline High School in Dallas, TX, and there I enrolled in the Fashion Cluster. I studied Fashion Merchandising and most of all Fashion Production for 4 years. After high school I enrolled in college to pursue a degree that I knew would never make me happy. Now that's where my blog was introduced. I decided to make myself happy and fulfilled by starting "Big Boned Style." I have always been considered a "Big Boned" girl growing up and instead of finding the the term to be a harsh, I decided to embrace it. I plan on expanding the "Big Boned" brand into inspiring ALL women to feel beautiful and confident.


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