Thursday, April 24, 2014

In Living Color...

1. Dress/ Forever 21, Necklace/ Ashley Stewart, Shoes/
2. Dress/ Forever 21, Shoes/, Sunnies/ Walgreen's, Earrings/ Forever 21
3. Crop Top& Skirt/ Forever 21, Shoes/, Clutch/ Forever 21

Hello Queens and Kings! So let me clear the air, did you miss me? Well I certainly miss blogging. I have to admit, Instagram has become the Devil for lazy bloggers like me! It is so easy to just take an outfit picture and post on Instagram and go about my business. But with blogging you have to think of content, take multiple pictures, and write! So sometimes I take the easy road and rely on Instagram, so please forgive me. Now if you follow me on Instagram, @big_bonedbeauty, these photos might look familiar. I have recently posted these outfits within a few weeks on my Instagram. I don't know about you fashionistas, but I have been living in colors! I mean from bright oranges, to neon pinks, and yellows, I want it all!! I know that Forever 21 has basically taken my wallet because mostly all my items have been from there. They really have been bringing out fabulous colors and bold prints! So question of the day which look is your favorite and what are some trends you will be rocking for spring/summer?