Friday, June 20, 2014

Sunshine...My only Sunshine.....

Dress/ Courtesy of SWAK Designs, Shoes/, Necklace and Clutch/Forever 21

Summer is here and lets just say it's full of sunshine. Everyone needs a little sunshine, don't you think?! Well sunshine always equals happiness for me. So let's just say I was beyond happy when I received my Eternity Convertible Dress from SWAK Designs. First off let me say SWAK Designs really melted my heart with this dress! I live for an amazing plus size convertible dress. I love SWAK Designs aesthetics when it comes to plus size clothing, and once again they did an amazing job with this dress.

I have other SWAK Designs pieces but I have to admit this is now my favorite piece.  This is a perfect plus size dress. The Eternity Convertible Dress has 14 beautiful ways to create looks just right for your body. I chose the color "Sunshine" and I wore my dress in the sexy and alluring "Maya Wrap." There is a wrap 101 video on how to easily style the Eternity Convertible Dress into different wraps. With this dress you really could go from a daytime look to an evening of dinner and dancing. There are so many styles to choose from based on your modesty level. So if you want to rock the Maya style as I did, but you aren't comfortable rocking a sleeveless look, just put on a beautiful kimono or shawl to complete your look. I was also very pleased that while living in the desert, at 105 degrees, the dress material was no too heavy. The material is very light weight but sturdy enough to make sure you have full coverage while styling the dress.

I certainly can't wait to rock my Eternity Convertible Dress again. Every woman has, no needs to own this dress. It's a staple item for every woman's, especially plus size women's, closet. So ladies or gentlemen looking for a great gift to get your lady shop at for this beautiful dress and many other SWAK pieces!



  1. Oh yassssssssssssssss dahling this is the ONE!

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    1. Thank you doll for stopping by my blogl!!

  3. What brand of strapless bra did you use? I'm looking for a good one

    1. I used a strapless bra from Lane Bryant! It is very well constructed and it has really great support and this coming from someone who wears a 42 F!

  4. Amazing dress, you look gorgeous !!
    would you like to follow each other ?