Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tiger & the other kind of Stripes......

Jacket/Thrifted, Shirt/Thrifted, Skirt/ Its Fashion, Purse/ Nine West ,Shoes Qupid ,Earrings Its Fashion, Tiger Pin/By me Watch/ Michael Kors

What says chic like black and white! Today I decided to pair my horizontal skirt with a cute black blazer and a black tank. The skirt, that I got from Its Fashion, by the way it was $13.99, can you say SCORE!! And than throw in a thrifted blazer that was $3.25, and a thrifted black tank that was 2.50, can you triple SCORE!! Any one who knows me know I love clothes, but I don't want to break bank on it. The Nine West purse I got for $19.99, it was $65, so I'm just knocking them out the park with these prices!!!

XOXO  Keisha


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Johnise thanking for the response. I got the skirt from Its Fashion, it was actually $13.99!

  2. Oh YES! The shoes set this off! That skirt fits your curves perfectly. Once again...I love this outfit!