Sunday, August 26, 2012

All Black Everything

Dress/ Forever21+ (old) , Vest/ Its Fashion, Shoes, Accessories/Assorted

What I'm wearing on today's  post I actually wore on Friday while eating out with my family. Since moving to Charlotte I' m pressed for friends, so it would be nice to have girlfriends for drinks occasionally. I actually had fun with my brood. So now to the outfit. Of course every woman should own a black dress. The thing I love about this dress from Forever21 is that it could be dressed up or down. The vest I purchased from "Its Fashion" was only $5.99. SCORE!!!! I paired it with my Jeffrey Campbell inspired booties to give the dress a more casual look.


 I actually put two different earrings together to create a unique kind of loop



  1. The shoes are slamming! Could I wear smaller earrings?

  2. Thanks Fay! Not only are they slamming they are COMFORTABLE!! And yes a smaller earring perhaps a stud like earring would have worked perfectly. With the vest being a "show stopper" I always minimize on jewelry especially around the neck!!

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  4. Love the shoes!!!