Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First post, finally...

Sequined Jacket/Forever 21+ White Cami/ Dots Denim Jeans/ Forever 21+ Shoes/ Nine West Necklace/ Rainbow

Welcome Fashion Lovers,

      Today is the day I finally decided to get my view point on styleto post on my very own blog. Trust me people it was almost a year in the making. If you have ready my bio, you would understand why it took so long, but hey I finally did it. Yay!!!

Now to the clothes!!! I decided to wear something that sparkled. I wanted to make a statement by wearing this gorgeous sequined cropped jacket from Forever21. Not only is the jacket beautiful and well made, but I got it for $12.99, can you say SCORE!! I have had the jacket for a while and have been waiting on the perfect emsemble to pair it. I knew I wanted to be casual with the jacket, since it could be dressed up or down. So in walks my Nine West platforms. I got these beauties on sale for $29.99. Can you say double SCORE!! I paired it with a solid white shirt and some dark denim jeans andI closed with a nice statement necklace . BANG my #OOTD!

XOXO Keisha


  1. This outfit is cute! It's perfect for a casual dinner date or a walk in the park. Your make up is flawless as usual. I love it!

    1. Thank you Fay!! If you need a list of what I used ( makeup) wise. Don't afraid to say!!!

  2. I just need to hire a makeup artist because I don't have the first clue nor the time. I am going to text you a picture of this skirt. I need to know if I can wear leopard with it. I got it back in July I just haven't found anything to wear with it.