Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Outfits for 2013....

Moving from Charlotte to Vegas, not only did my scenery change but so did my style. So here are some of my favorite and evidently your favorite outfits! Thank you subscribers and readers for making my dreams come true and thank you for being lovely in the process. I really couldn't do it without you guys! Much love and I hope I can make you proud and excited in 2014!


"I really like the mixed stripes going on in this look. Also, your lucite heels? Very nice."
- Vivi N.

"Loving this look from head to toe. The blue looks so good on you and I love the sandals. Your makeup is flawless! Stunning!"
-Janae Holmes

"Very lovely, well put together." 
- Uchenna Ezeonyeka

"This is amazing!! You are killin' it." 
- Candyce Nicole

"Too cute love it, yes the pop of color is perfect."

"Saw your outfit on Tumblr, and I just had to say this is so cute! The heels are lovely and having a neutral heel compliments the colors in the shirt so well. And your hair is just so adorable! Love this short cut."

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