Monday, March 17, 2014

Thunderthighs and Legs...

Romper/ Forever 21, Jacket/ Forever 21, Clutch/ Forever 21, Necklace/ Forever 21, Shoes/ Charlotte Russe

It was Sunday Night and I wanted to go to happy hour. Now when I was going through my closet I could have easily put on a sexy dress, but last night I dared to try something different. I wore shorts!. Now I know I'm always talking about being confident and wearing whatever your heart desires, but I wasn't being honest. See I stopped wearing shorts ever since my thunderthighs started to close in together. I mean I wanted the thigh gap. Well not the bad photoshopped one from Target's website, LOL! I just wasn't that secure in wearing shorts. Well I'm going to represent for my BBB's I told myself." Say it loud I have thunderthighs, and I'm proud," as I chanted to myself.  I get so many questions on "how do you rock things that aren't normally for plus size women" or "where do you get your confidence from?" Well I'm here to tell you, I'm human and of course I have my insecurities, but dammit no one lives for me, and I only have one life. So if I choose to rock my short shorts and gets stares because I'm a fat chick, OH WELL!



  1. You have great legs!!! They look smooth and toned (unlike mine lolll) I haven't worn shorts in years but I might try some this Summer.

    1. Thank you Lady V! I guess them years playing volleyball helped! And I can't wait to see you rock a pair of short shorts!

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