Saturday, March 15, 2014

Prissy in Polka...

Shirt/ Forever 21, Legging/ Forever 21, Shoes/ Forever 21, Purse/ Forever 21, Belt/ ASOS Sunnies/ Forever 21 Lippie/ Sephora Lipstain 01

Hello Guys and Girls! I hope everyone is well and happy that spring is almost here. I must admit the weather in Las Vegas have been awesome. I mean it's expected in the desert. Now ask me how's the weather in June and July and I might not be so pleased! So on Friday I had parent teacher conference for both of my children and I had to attend a workshop. Now everything I wore was from Forever 21, shocking, I know, LOL. Forever 21 has been giving me so much LIFE these last few weeks. I mean I was already a Forever 21 junkie, now I think my addiction will never be solved. The interesting thing is every single item was under $15. SCORE!! From the shoes, to the purse, to the top, all under 15 bucks!. I'm going to add another SCORE just for that!! I hope you stay tuned for more of my looks and if you haven't  go follow my Instagram at @big_bonedbeauty. Smooches!




  1. Love this! You look absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much Claudia!. I'm so excited to be following your blog, you have impeccable style