Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Men's Wear Outfit # 1....

Husband's Sweater/ Old Navy, Shirt/ Walmart, Jeans/ Forever 21, Shoes/ Charlotte Russe, Clutch/ Forever 21, Sunnies/ Forever 21, Necklaces/ Claire's

Ladies I wanted to come up with another fun way to stretch your closet and your dollars! Now I wanted to get creative by wearing clothes from a man's closet. Yep... I wear men's clothes! I know some of you women aren't BBB's (Big Boned Beauties) so I still think there are ways for you to turn your man's clothes into something wearable for you too!! My first outfit I decided to take a man's sweater that I got from Old Navy and pair it with some jeans and a nice buttoned up shirt underneath the sweater. I added a couple of pearl necklaces to add to my preppy casual outfit. Now ladies, I understand not everyone can fit their man's clothes but take what I did for instance, I wore a sweater as a top. Now if the clothes are way larger than you use his sweater as a dress! Just add some legging to make it like a tunic or if it's really big wear his sweater and add some thigh high boots to it!! So ladies get inspire and let's play dress with or men's clothes!! Hope to see you tomorrow I have another Men's Wear Outfit!!



  1. I love this look! I always think men's clothes are going to be too boxy but you look adorable! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you Rachel for stopping by my blog! I truly appreciate it! And I always try to take statement pieces from his wardrobe because that is true men's wear aren't tailored for women, but like Tim Gunn said " Make it Work!"