Sunday, March 24, 2013

Missing you.....RIP

Sweater/ DOTS, Shirt/ Forever 21, Pants/ Its Fashion, Shoes/, Necklace/ Gifted

Recognize I'm Baaaaack (in my T.I. voice)!!! Hello subscribers and readers alike. Welcome back to my blog. Look, I know I have been a bad blogger but life had gotten in the way. For starters 2 weeks ago my 2nd mother passed away. She was actually my mother's best friend, but I called her momma too. Can you say heartbroken! She was such a beautiful person and had a lovely spirit! I will always remember her laughter being the sweetest sound. Rest In Peace Delores Abrams I love you and will eternally miss you until I join you! Now to be honest with you prior to Delores' passing, I had been in such in a funk and was so uninspired. To this day I feel it was a sign of grieve to come but who knows. I really wasn't going to post anything for a while but I could hear Delores telling me" girl you better keep doing what you love to do, which is to dress your butt off!" So with that being said I hope I did her justice with this OOTD!

P.S. To Jessia, I love you little sis, and know that even though momma wasn't my real "momma" you and her were my family! Just know I will always be here for you and I'm eternally grateful that you "shared" your mother with me! I can't express it enough of how proud I' am of you! And in May when you graduate from College just know momma will be right there with you!


  1. u look pretty!!!! sorry to hear about your loss

  2. Sorry to hear of your loss, may God comfort you and your family during this time. You look great, have a great week.

  3. Sorry for your loss, I know it is difficult... but you look gorgeous!

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  4. I'm so sorry:( Keep pushing sista. As usual, you look wonderful.

  5. I love the look very inspiring and the colors

  6. I'm praying God grants you the strength to continue on the path he layed out for you. Keep your head up. Your make up is flawless! Minor setback for a major comeback! Love the fit

  7. Love this cardigan... I love it soo much that I also have the same one... Love the outfit and sorry for your loss. Please stop by and check out my blog.. I have been slack (thats and understatement) but I'll be up and really posting like I should reaaaal soon!!!!!!